The Everyday Storytellers | Week One

The Everyday Storytellers | Week One

9 Photographers/Mothers  |  22 Children  |  4 Countries  |  Documenting Childhood


"I'll be the leader, ok?  You follow me."

This week's image was taken at Fort Pulaski National Monument- Georgia.  Rory insisted on being the leader.  With nowhere to be and nothing to do but enjoy a long, slow day, I was happy to oblige.  I followed my brave little adventurer and her tiny blonde sidekick as they explored the Fort, running this way and that.  It was, hands down, one of my most favorite adventures to date.  This image was captured as she crossed over the drawbridge and stepped into the Fort for the first time.  I love that you can see her curiosity and sense of adventure.  I love the trail of her windblown hair.  I love how little my big girl looks, putting the grand scale of the Fort into perspective.

Keep scrolling to see what everyone else was up to this week with their littles.  Want to see more from these talented photographers?  Just click on their links below : )


Ashley Littlefield | Kirkland, WA, USA

Ashley Littlefield Photography


Jill Andrews-Dudas | Edmonton, Alberta, Canada

Jill Andrews Photography


Kellee Hann | West Fargo, ND, USA

Soul Tree Photography Studio


Loryn Payne | Chicagoland, IL, USA

Loryn Payne Photography


Louisa Bedford | Kent, UK

Louisa Bedford Photography


Marie Fogh Bogh | Ryomgard, Denmark

Fotografering v/ Marie Fogh Bogh


Sally Rudy | Mount Pleasant, MI, USA

Sally Rudy Photography


Victoria Jane Bahadoor | Liverpool, UK

Fern and Star Photography


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  1. I love this concept, and love that your “team” is from such diverse locations. I’ll be watching!

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