The Everyday Storytellers | Week Four

The Everyday Storytellers | Week Four

9 Photographers/Mothers  |  22 Children  |  4 Countries  |  Documenting Childhood


"Hello Sunshine"


Confession: I have always avoided shooting in harsh light.

During the golden hours, the light is so glowy and dreamy.  I'm certain this is nearly every photographers' favorite time to shoot.  I also love a good cloudy day when the sky is like one giant soft box and the light is soft and even.  Annnnd, I also love directional light and playing with shadows.  So I guess at the end of the day I just really like light.

But harsh light has never been for me because... well honestly because it's just so hard to get it right.

Nevertheless, this project has pushed me to explore, and I knew I wanted to document our weekend getaway at one of my most favorite places.  This meant embracing the midday sun and committing to shoot in harsh light.  I decided to let go of this idea of perfect lighting, take risks, play with light, explore my own technical abilities, and just simply capture the moment.

Is the lighting perfect in every photo.  Nope.  But I adore them anyway, and part of this journey for me is falling in love with the art of documenting (childhood), no matter how perfect or imperfect it is.

Keep scrolling to see what everyone else was up to this week with their littles, and if you're interested in seeing more from my own weekend adventures, I've shared them at the bottom 🙂


Ashley Littlefield | Kirkland, WA, USA

Ashley Littlefield Photography


Jill Andrews-Dudas | Edmonton, Alberta, Canada

Jill Andrews Photography


Kellee Hann | West Fargo, ND, USA

Soul Tree Photography Studio


Loryn Payne | Chicagoland, IL, USA

Loryn Payne Photography


Louisa Bedford | Kent, UK

Louisa Bedford Photography


Marie Fogh Bogh | Ryomgard, Denmark

Fotografering v/ Marie Fogh Bogh


Sally Rudy | Mount Pleasant, MI, USA

Sally Rudy Photography


Victoria Jane Bahadoor | Liverpool, UK

Fern and Star Photography


Memorial Day Weekend Favorites | Wicomico River, VA

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