11/52: Black & White

Project 52.  Week 11: Black & White

I think I’ve mentioned it before, and if you’ve been following my work at all then you probably have already guessed, b&w photography has my heart.  Maybe it stems from where I got my start in photography—with an old film camera and a darkroom.  Maybe it’s the pureness of it.  Maybe it’s the emotion of it—the way it makes you feel something that color images can’t quite make you feel.  Maybe it’s all of those things.

This week, Rory had her first soccer practice and game.  It went as well as could be expected for a bunch of three year olds running around chasing the same ball…and then it went terribly wrong with lots of drama and tears as I’ve also come to expect from my little threenager.  At least she wasn’t the only one…  Regardless, I was happy to capture her first time on the field : )  While my style typically lends itself to crisp clean images, this week felt a little more raw.  I love the gritty, film-like essence of these photos.  It takes me back 10…oh man, make that almost 15…years to the good old days in my high-school darkroom.

This week I also snapped a few Easter pictures of Rory, Brinn, and Jacob.  I wouldn’t use the word cooperative to describe them, but the sure did have a lot of fun.  There was enough silliness, laughter, and attitude to last a lifetime.  I love this photo of the three of them, which captures two parts attitude and one part joy!

And because I can’t resist, my sweet baby girl <3