3/52: Personal Style

Project 52.  Week3: Personal Style

You guys, this week was so hard for me! Developing my style is something that I really struggle with. A lot. Mostly because I have trouble truly embracing what that means. Style can be determined by choice of subject, shooting angles, lighting, color choices, post-processing…and the list goes on. It can be a combination of any and all of these. It’s something I’m still working on, and I hear that’s ok. It’s an ever-evolving process as one grows and learns as a photographer, and it’s part of the reason I’ve challenged myself to partake in Project 52. So thanks for hanging in there with me while I work it out.

This is what I have for you for this week. My style as it is unfolding is bright, and clean. I like a little punch of color, quirky angles, and composition that shows depth. I like shadows, and contrast. I like subjects that fill up my frame, but I’m learning to embrace negative space.  I like organic.  And even though I mostly post-process in color, black and white images will always have my heart.

Feel free to stop here.  But if you’d like to see more, and hear the story behind these photos, please read on…

My daughter turned 3 this week (all the tears). I’ve seen the idea of a glitter blowing/throwing photo shoot a few times and thought it would be a really fun thing for Rory to do on her birthday. I wasn’t willing to go for actual glitter because… the mess! So we settled for confetti instead. I set up my backdrop stand, staged the lighting, set up sheets on the floor to help for easy clean-up, grabbed my camera, and asked her to blow or throw the glitter. She had a little fun…and I…felt nothing. It was too staged and I was completely uninspired. I didn’t like the pictures, and I learned something very important in that moment. I like honest, organic moments. Staged, studio stuff is not for me.

But I didn’t abandon the endeavor. I was still after those “glitter” photos. So we moved to my favorite bay window and just got real with it. No sheets to catch the mess, no white studio back drop. No “say, cheese.”

Everyone loves the perfect smile, and anyone that knows Rory knows she has a genuine, joyful, stop-you-in-your-tracks smile that pulls you in and melts your heart. I didn’t get that today. I definitely wanted it, but I didn’t get it. Today she was introverted, and that was ok. She blew the glitter, she threw the glitter, and she enjoyed the mess.  She laughed a little, but mostly she was thoughtful, quiet, and curious.  I loved it.

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