2/52: Candid

Project 52.  Week 2: Candid

What could possibly be cuter than a baby in a bathtub?

A baby bathing in bubbles…in a sink! Better yet, a ridiculously cute baby bathing in bubbles, in a sink, with the biggest smile on her face because she thinks her sister is the greatest thing ever.  Insert my new favorite candid photo here…

I’ll admit this was a semi-staged photo shoot. I don’t generally make a habit of bathing my kids in the sink. But the idea of it was fun and the lighting was just so pretty that I couldn’t resist a great photo-op. I had only planned on letting Brinn splash around a bit, but Rory insisted on squeezing in too. I got some great shots, and most importantly, my girls had an absolute blast! Here are a few more of my favorites <3

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